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red triangle Insights That Make A Difference

Here's a taste of articles from recent issues:

red circle New IRS rule on sec. 125 plans: Here's what at you need to know
red circle Heads up: SSA gives update on new W-2 filing format
red circle Warning: Those W-2s might not be wrapped up after all
red circle Good news! There's no risk to offering IRA payroll deduction
red circle Garnishments increasing: What federal law requires of Payroll
red circle Child support: New electronic payment method takes effect
red circle IRS rolls out EFTPS changes: Why it's good news for you
red circle W-2 or 1099? New criteria from IRS will make you think twice
red circle New IRS tax deposit rules take effect this quarter
red circle Whew! You won't pay twice for one tax deposit mistake
red circle Revised W-4 out next month - there's good news for Payroll
red circle Here's a tax-free benefit employees can really use
red circle Avoid your biggest nightmare -- reworking W-2 forms
red circle Make sure those W-2s don't come back to haunt you
red circle Exempt or nonexempt? Court says job titles have no bearing
red circle Exempts and paid time off: The latest word from DOL
red circle Here's a first look at W-4, W-2 and fringe benefit changes
red circle Electronic deposit: Final regs are out -- with new wrinkles
red circle Watch out! SSA will reject more W-2s than ever before
red circle Even squeaky-clean firms could be next on DOL's hit list

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