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red triangle Professionals at leading companies of all sizes look to Keep up to Date on Payroll to stay on top of IRS and SSA Reg Changes

Our subscribers include:
Major manufacturers such as
3M Co.
Abbott Laboratories
AMP, Inc.
Andersen Corp.
Astra Zeneca
Avon Products
BF Goodrich
Black & Decker
Briggs & Stratton Corp
Castrol Industrial, Inc.
Clorox Co.
Coca Cola
Dresser Industries
Dr. Pepper/7 UP Corp.
Duracell USA
Honeywell International
International Paper
ITT Rayonier, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson, Inc.
JP Mills Oil Co., Inc.
Lear Corp.
Lennox Industries, Inc.
Merck & Co.
Miller Beverage
Penzoil Products Co.
Perdue Farms, Inc.
Purina Mills, Inc.
Rhône Poulenc
Rolex Watch
Sharp Electronics Corp.
Snap-On, Inc.
Texaco, Inc.
The Scotts Co.
Trane Co.
WD-40 Co.
Wilson Sporting Goods

Leading service companies such as
Allstate Insurance Co.
American Cancer Society
American Hockey League
American Red Cross
Atlanta Falcons
Bally's Casino
Best Western Hotels
Blue Cross Blue Shield
British Airways
Budget Rent-A-Car
Cellular One
Clearwater Power Co.
Custom Software Services
Doubletree Hotels
Easter Seals
Embassy Suites
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Florida Marlins
Goodwill Industries
Green Bay Packers, Inc.
Harvard Business School
Hilton Hotels
Hyatt Regency
J Crew Grp.
Jiffy Lube
Kinkos Copies
La Quinta Hotels
Law Access, Inc.
Manpower Temporary Svc.
Marriott Hotels
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
Merrill Lynch
Midas Int'l Corp.
Neiman Marcus Group
PSI Health Care
Sears Roebuck & Co.
Sheraton Hotels
The Salvation Army
Time Warner Cable
United Parcel Service
United Way
University Of Colorado
University Of Illinois
University Of Pittsburgh
University of San Francisco
US Council for Int'l Business
Western Farm Svcs.

Growing companies of all sizes such as
Aero Contractors Ltd.
Airwood Machine Corp.
Bers Electronics
BMF Specialty Minerals
Brittain Machine, Inc.
Brown Molding
Bull Moose Tube Co.
Carbon/Graphite Group, Inc.
Carolina Freight Carriers
Champion Business Systems
Classic Leather
Cole Motors
Cominco Alaska, Inc.
Comp-Pak, Inc.
Computer Dynamics
Crosslin Supply Co.

Dixieland Furniture
East Bay, Inc.
Eastern Mountain Sports, Inc.
Elkhorn Construction, Inc.
Excelex Corp.
Furon Co.
Garlock Bearings, Inc.
Gateway Candy Corp.
Golden Eagle Archery, Inc.
Hybritech, Inc.
Informix Software
Jack's Frozen Pizza, Inc.
Ladd Furniture, Inc.
Landreth Engineering Co.
Offshore Logistics, Corp.
Picture People
Preferred Engineering, Inc.
Progressive Int'l Corp.
Reilly-Whiteman, Inc.
Sound Source Interactive
Stanley Aviation Corp.
Sun Harvest Farms, Inc.
Times Leader
Unilab Corp.
Weldun International
Wilson Concrete Products
...and many more

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