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Progressive Business Publications

Progressive Business Publications (PBP) is one of the nation's leading provider of cutting-edge, high-impact information designed to help businesspeople do their jobs better.

You can see Progressive Business Publications results in the work of tens of thousands of business leaders at companies, big and small, who count on our information to keep up with the dizzying pace of change. In fact, professionals at nearly all the Fortune 1000 companies use our newsletters to help them stay informed, make smarter decisions, and make their companies more profitable.

Why do 150,000 companies subscribe to Progressive Business Publications' newsletters?

  1. Fast Read

    Our subscribers don't have all day to take a load off and enjoy a lengthy publication.

    That's why we specialize in getting the most pertinent, important info to our readers in the easiest, most comprehensive way possible.

    Give one of our newsletters 10 minutes, and you may come away learning just as much as from a trade publication in about half the time.

  2. Subscriber Input

    No industry professional knows his or her job better than the person doing it for a living.

    That's why many of Progressive Business Publications' newsletters feature subscriber input – success stories on how an HR pro built up morale, or how a CFO saved his or her company money.

    Our readers rave about the real-world applications of learning what other companies have done to be successful – and many gain new ideas for ways to improve their own places of employment as a result.

  3. Breadth of information

    Progressive Business Publications puts out 24 business-to-business newsletters, so odds are we publish exactly what you need on a topic that's crucial to your success.

    From financial management to human resources, sales and marketing to regulatory/compliance and more, Progressive Business Publications' newsletters cover the myriad positions of almost any workplace. And thanks to our experienced team of writers and editors, subscribers can be sure they're getting the most essential information and, perhaps most importantly, what it means to the reader.

Explore the categories below to get the news, insights and best practices that will make your job a whole lot easier, and discover new roads to success.

Finance and Accounting

Business Management

Sales and Marketing


Regulatory and Compliance

Human Resources

Nonprofit Management

About Progressive Business Publications

Progressive Business Publications serves the needs of business professionals around the country through a range of print and digital information resources. PBP's popular publications deliver timely and actionable news, trends, and best practices that help managers and executives perform at their peak. Learn more about Progressive Business Publications by visiting the company's profiles on LinkedIn and Global Philadelphia.