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Page 1 - Stay in-the-know

You'll not only get the latest news and developments on IRS and SSA reg changes, but it will be in a language that's easy to understand. You receive real-world advice you can put to use immediately to keep your accuracy high and your problems low.

Exclusive - Page one also brings you the IRS Forms Alert. This exclusive feature will keep you one step ahead of the IRS as they reexamine the many forms you use every day. You'll be tipped off to any new changes and ways to report.

Page 2 - Avoid Costly Legal Battles

Exclusive - Our Sharpen Your Judgment section gives you a framework for decision making to help keep you and your company out of trouble. It describes a recent legal conflict, lets you decide the outcome, then shows you how the courts ruled.

Page 3 - Stay a Step ahead

With our Law and Reg Update, you'll never be blindsided by the constantly changing payroll requirements. You'll not only see what the latest changes are, but also see exactly how they apply to you.

Page three is also packed with useful insights you can put to use immediately in our News You Can Use feature. It'll keep you in the loop on the latest legislation and rules and give you quick-hitting ideas on what steps you should take next.

Page 4 - Uncover Potential Problems

Exclusive - Our one-of-a-kind Compliance Check highlights violations of federal and state laws. You'll see how other companies got off track - and help keep your company in compliance.

Page four also brings you the helpful Test Your Knowledge feature, keeping you sharp in the areas of fringe benefits, taxes, reporting and more.

Page 5 - Apply Proven Success Stories To Your Operation

Exclusive - Page five is home to one of our top-rated features: Real Problems, Real Solutions. You'll benefit from exclusive real-life success stories from payroll pros at companies of all sizes. They reveal how they successfully addressed challenges with proven solutions that you can adapt to your own unique situation.

Page 6 - Keep an eye on the trends

Payroll legislation changes come quickly and often. With the Trends to Watch feature, you'll not only be prepared, but you'll be ready to act and adjust your procedures accordingly.

For an inside look at how your peers handle the issues you face everyday, reach for What Payroll Pros Told Us. We talk to thousands of Payroll practitioners every year, and you'll learn practical advice you can put to use immediately.


Page 7 - Tap Into Today's Best Resources

Your most valuable advisor is the person who just solved the problem you now face. A Real-life Management Story spotlights both common and uncommon challenges, shows you which solutions worked and which ones didn't and lets you see the payoffs - a great tool for insuring accuracy, saving time and getting things done.

Page seven is also home to the always timely Where to Get Help. Regardless of what challenges you're facing, you'll find great resources like Web sites, seminars and more that you can turn to great ideas.

Page 8 - Keep up with Changes on the State Level

Legislative developments in states other than your own often indicate trends, especially in areas of rapid expansion such as electronic reporting and garnishments. The State Trends section will give you a heads up on whether your state will be next.

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