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red triangleComments from top financial executives
on how they benefit from reading
Keep Up to Date on Payroll

red circle From Karen Biok, Controller at Harvard Drug Group
"Keep Up to Date on Payroll surpasses any other publication that I have read
concerning payroll issues. It gives me changes in easy to understand language,
that applies to the average payroll clerk as well as the manager."

red circle From Rhonda Geiger, Payroll Manager at Sargento Foods, Inc.
"It always gives me information well before I can find it in the other resources I use."

red circle From Vicki Sanders, Payroll Manager at Alpha Therapeutic Corp.
"Keep Up to Date on Payroll has lived up to all of my expectations. Almost every
article seems to fit my company. It has given me tons of new ideas."

red circle From Nancy Anderson, Payroll and Benefits Manager for IPIVOT Inc.
"Keep Up to Date on Payroll has allowed me to do my job and keep up with changes in the law without doing a lot of time consuming research."

red circle

From Darlene B. Jones, Payroll Supervisor at Chase Scientific Glass Inc.
"I love the whole newsletter. It is a valued tool in helping in helping me do a great job."

red circle From Peggy Walker Accounting Supervisor at Makita Corporation of America
"I think its great. It gives me the latest information about payroll that I normally wouldn't get all in an easy to read format that I really like."

red circle From Sandra McKinney, Accounting Specialist for the American Red Cross
"Keep Up to Date on Payroll is very informative, useful, and keeps me updated on the latest happenings in regards to legal issues. I get a lot of use from the websites cited throughout the publication and I recommend it to anyone in the Payroll field."

red circle From Shirley Carr, Payroll/A/P Supervisor at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital
"Keep Up to Date on Payroll is one of the most valuable publications I receive. I quite often pass it along to other departments."

red circle From Betty Wilhelm, Payroll Manager at Finch Services Inc.
"Keep Up to Date on Payroll gives me the insight to handle problems, improve situations, and new ideas to try that work."

red circle Pat Barberi, Payroll Supervisor at Konica Business Technologies
"I've been receiving it for a couple years now and I still look forward to receiving it. It is full of helpful hints and tips to keep me updated on the latest laws and regs. I keep all of the newsletters and often find myself referring back for suggestions and ideas to solve everyday problems. "

red circle From Mark Hayre, Payroll Manager at Tyson Foods
"As the Payroll manager I deal with all payroll functions and Keep Up to Date on Payroll touches on all of those aspects in each issue."

red circle From Shelley Bober, Payroll Administrator for RR Donnelley
"I am new in the field of payroll and it gives me a lot of information used to solve everyday problems."

red circle From Vel Graham, Finance Director at Midwest Regional Medical Center
"It gives us ideas on current issues that we can share with other departments and shows us which issues we should pursue more information on."

red circle From Myra Lee Hammett, HR Assistant at Aluma Shield Ind. Inc.
"Keep up to Date on Payroll has saved me from making costly mistakes and/or time consuming corrections"

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