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Keep up to Date on Payroll valuable?

No blue-sky articles by academics or theory-of-the-month consultants here, so you won't waste your time. That's why  Keep up to Date on Payroll is first choice of professionals across the country. It provides the most relevant information you can find about your job, delivered it in a way that's easy to read and most useful to you. You get maximum benefit in minimal time because KUDP is:

red circle Fast-read. You're busy and don't have time to read everything that comes across your desk. You can count on KUDP to be your one-stop source for the most useful information in your field, presented in our unique, no-advertising, fast-read format. More than 95% of our subscribers report that our fast-read format is more valuable to them than any other publication.

red circle Actionable. Instead of theory and hard-to-implement ideas, you get insights that you can put into practice immediately, and you'll see exactly what they mean to you and your business. It's not just information; it's information you can put into action.

red circle Expert-to-expert. We don't write for beginners. We write for senior executives who need access to authoritative, real-world, useful information designed to help them carry out their responsibilities. Our editors are proven experts in their fields. They attend - and often speak at - the same conferences you attend, talk regularly with the lawmakers affecting your job and spend countless hours talking to your peers to understand their challenges and successes and share them with you.

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