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red triangle Insights That Make A Difference

Here's a taste of articles from recent issues:

red circle Machine repairs were delayed - supervisor haunted by fatal accident
red circle Supervisor learns the hard way: work-arounds can be deadly
red circle Surprise! Routine duties often present the highest safety risks
red circle Two safety devices for three workers - what do you do now?
red circle No time to ensure worker is out of harm's way? Tell it to the widow!
red circle The best way to protect your people: Always anticipate the worst
red circle Even if you delegate responsibility for safety, you're still accountable
red circle Wearing safety gear: Did supervisor give workers too many chances?
red circle Difficult procedures: When are you asking too much of workers?
red circle A supervisor's nightmare: Worker ignores instructions, blames boss
red circle Was injured worker too big a safety risk- or just too slow?
red circle What to do when safety procedures don't work in the real world
red circle Supervisor crossed the 't's' and dotted the 'i's' - and it paid off
red circle What happens when workers worry more about time than safety
red circle Can worker refuse light-duty, then claim retaliation after being fired?
red circle Lockout procedures take too long? Tell it to the dead worker's family
red circle Now training 'by the book' isn't enough - you have to do more
red circle Everyone thought they got enough training - but did they?
red circle Workers not listening to safety messages- how tough do you get?
red circle Giving clear safety instructions to workers: Some dos and don'ts
red circle Supervisor warned maintenance crew about hazard - didn't he?
red circle Don't let workers pinch hit without proper training - here's why

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