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red triangle Every page is packed with information you'll put into practice every day.

page 1
Page 1 - Show Your Supervisors the Consequences of their behavior

Page one will show your supervisors the critical role they play in your safety program with hard-hitting stories based on actual cases that detail how a supervisor's behavior directly impacted worker. Presented in a conversational style, it will entertain and educate your supervisors at the same time.

Exclusive - Page one is also home to our exclusive Sharpen Your Judgment section. It describes a recent legal conflict involving a safety supervisor, lets them decide the outcome, and then shows them how the courts ruled. It helps sharpen your supervisors' thinking to keep your firm out of trouble.

page 2
Page 2 - Keep Everyone Sharp

Page two brings you the helpful Test Your Knowledge feature. Each short quiz keeps everyone at your company thinking about safety by educating them and reminding them of the importance of following procedures.

page 3
Page 3 - Help Them Avoid Costly Mistakes

Our subscribers tell us page three's roundup of Fines, Accidents and Damage Supervisor's Could've Prevented is most useful to them. Every issue brings a collection of accidents and incidents that led to injuries, near-misses, damaged equipment, or fines that frontline managers had the opportunity to prevent.

Page three's Safety Spotlight takes a look at common safety issues and how they impact Supervisors. From lockout/tagout to Personal Protective Equipment to helping an injured worker and more, your Supervisors get proven techniques and great new ideas to "do the right thing."

page 4
Page 4 - Give them New Tools to Ensure Safety

Page four provides a great tool for helping supervisors deal with situations where the rush to complete work schedules can interfere with safe procedures. Each story shows the grim reality behind common occurrences like worker shortcuts, work-arounds, logjams and more. Then get the highlights of each story in the What You Need To Know section: a no-fluff, to-the-point recap of important takeaways from each story.

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