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red triangle Comments from top safety managers
on how their supervisors benefit from reading Supervisors Safety Bulletin

red circle From Roger McKnight, DC Manager for the Dial Corporation:
"The format is excellent. We can read it in ten minutes and get valuable and vital information that relates to our work. My supervisors asked me to get more copies."

red circle From Ron Gannon, Health and Safety Director at Academy Roofing, Inc.:
"Supervisors Safety Bulletin is a great way to get our supervisors involved and always thinking safety. It opens their eyes to the seriousness of safety and they enjoy reading it."

red circle From Tad Buchanan, Safety Coordinator at Conoco, Inc.:
"Our supervisors say they have a better understanding of those responsibilities that they can't delegate. The cases really make them think"

red circle From Jason Dashney, EHS specialist for RR Donnelley:
"I have overheard managers discussing articles from SSB. It keeps safety right in front of them."

red circle From Bob Rost, Environmental Health and Safety Manager at Gla Val Co.:
"It stimulates conversation and makes the supervisors think, question and solve problems."

red circle From Jim Hauff, Operations Manager at MFS, Inc.:
"SSB is straight forward and easy to read. It conveys a very powerful message to our Supervisors and our employees in a short time frame."

red circle From Robert Walp, Plant Safety Engineer for Penco Products:
"Keep them coming! We like the whole thing! It brings up safety topics that all Supervisors encounter and provides suggestions for dealing with them."

red circle From Steve Sasser, Safety inspector at Southdown, Inc.:
"Our employees really respond to the real stories in Supervisors Safety Bulletin. Each one tells the truth about what's out there and helps our them be ready at all times."

Check it out...

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