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Page 1 - Strengthen Your Foundation

The cover story focuses on new selling approaches, offering insights your reps can use to open more doors and close more sales. Its aim is to educate both newer salespeople and to hone the skills of veterans.

page 2
Page 2 - Develop the right attitudes

All the training in the world is worthless without a motivated sales force. Here, you receive fresh new insights that will keep your reps motivated, educated and dedicated.

page 3
Page 3 - Tap into real-world Success Strategies

Exclusive Persistence pays off in selling, and our exclusive Tale of the Sale feature explains how one salesperson met and overcame major obstacles to have  true sales success. Your reps will see how they can best transfer this experience to their own selling.

page 4
Page 4 - Get World-Class Problem Solving

Help your reps open doors, deal with price cutters and stallers, and close more sales than they ever thought possible with help from the world's leading and most respected sales professionals. This page is a powerful resource for teaching your reps new strategies and reminding them of proven, successful sales techniques.

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