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red triangle Comments from top sales executives
on how they benefit from reading
The Selling Advantage

red circle From Roger Wilfong, Sales Manager at Caterpillar
"Of all of the publications I receive, The Selling Advantage is the most valuable. It makes our sales force think outside their routine and incorporate new sales styles and techniques into their selling."

red circle From Jeff Tuel VP Sales & Marketing at Global Atmospherics, Inc.
It's a better use of our time than any other publication. It has reinforced common sense selling skills as well as giving us quick, insightful information on subjects like selling more to existing customers.

red circle From Dick Rossow, Division Sales Manager, Purina-Mills, Inc.
"I really appreciate The Selling Advantage. I use it to give my sales force ideas and selling tips. It reaffirms some things for me and keeps me up to date with current sales topics.

red circle From Dan Reeves, Sales Manager for Butler Paper Co.
"We want our people making presentations, asking questions and closing sales, not simply saying 'Anything for me today?' The Selling Advantage helps us achieve one of our major goals: making sure they consistently make presentations and ask questions and not just go through motions."

red circle From Tom Riccella, General Manager at Siemens
"I believe in keeping it simple. The Selling Advantage reinforces the basic practices my sales people need to know in easy to read, digestible pieces."

red circle From Rick Reynolds, Sales Manager for Web Service Co., Inc.
"This publication has articles that are fresh - not retreads of concepts and ideas we've heard a hundred times over the last twenty years!"

red circle From Jason Robertson, Client Relationship Leader at Interstates
"Your publication always includes pertinent information we are looking for.

red circle From Keith Ruggert, District Manager, Sherwin-Williams
"My sales reps tell me that it's great. They read the tips and articles very quickly and get on with their days.

red circle From Frank Shannon, Sales Manager at Union Carbide Coatings
"The Selling Advantage is a useful training resource for new salespeople and a good reminder for senior salesmen as well! It provides the right message and unbiased suggestions to our sales force."

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