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red triangle Professionals at leading companies of all sizes look
to The Selling Advantage to keep their
reps motivated and closing sales

Our subscribers include:
Major manufacturers such as
3M Co.
Abbott Laboratories
ADT Security Systems
Anderson Windows
American Semiconductors
American Envelope
Bell & Howell Co.
B.F. Goodrich Co.
Boise Cascade
Butler Paper Co.
Canon USA
Champion International
Chevron USA, Inc.
Ciba Geigy
Control Data Corp.
Dow Chemical
Dresser Industries
General Electric
General Motors
Georgia Pacific
Honeywell Corp.
International Paper
Johnson Controls
Kimberly Clark
Minolta Office Systems
NCR Corp.
Otis Elevator
Pfizer, Inc.
Phillips Industries
Pitney Bowes
PPG Industries
Rohm & Haas Co.
Sandoz Corp.
Shell Chemical Co.
Sun Chemical Corp.
Toshiba Corp.
The Trane Co.
Union Carbide
Unisys Corp.
Volkswagen of America Inc.
Weyerhaeuser Paper Co.
Willamette Industries, Inc.
Ace Hardware Corp.
Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
Armor All Products Corp.
Benjamin Moore and Co.
Bostonian Shoe Co.
Borden Dairies
Bridgestone Tires
Coors Brewing
Eastman Kodak
Ethan Allen
Frito Lay, Inc.
General Foods Corp.
Hanes Hosiery
Herr's Foods
Jack Frost, Inc.
Land O'Lakes
MAB Paints
Miles Pharmaceuticals
Parker Pen USA
Pepperidge Farm
Pepsi Cola
Perrier Group Of America
Pillsbury Co.
Planters-Life Saver
Purina Mills
Radio Shack
Sara Lee
Scott Paper Co.
Sealy Mattress
Sharp Electronics Corp.
Sherwin Williams Co.
Teledyne Water Pik

Financial and Media Organizations such as
Chase Manhattan Bank
Dun & Bradstreet
Fidelity Investments
Harcourt Brace
Merrill Lynch
New York Magazine
Seventeen Magazine
The Hartford Courant
The New York Times
The Omega Group
Primco Capital Management
Random House
Trans Western Publishing
USA Today
U.S. News & World Report
Warren Gorham & Lamont
Washington Business Journal
Wells Fargo

Leading service companies such as
Adecco Employment Services
Aetna Life & Casualty
Alamo Rent-A-Car
Allstate Insurance
American Cancer Society
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Cellular, Inc.
Carolina Freight
Central Freight Lines
Century 21
Cort Furniture Rental
Delta Airlines
Equifax Svcs., Inc.
Equitable Life
Four Seasons Hotels
JC Penney
Nextel Communications
Orkin Pest Control
Paine Webber
Sears Roebuck & Co.
Sentrol, Inc.
Starbucks Coffee
State Farm Insurance
Transamerica Life
Westec Security Service

Growing companies of all sizes such as
Abe W. Matthews Engineering
AHP Machine and Tool
Alaska Power & Telephone
Albany Ladder
Altai Software
Ann's House Of Nuts Inc
Baroid Drilling Fluids
Batesville Casket
Belmont Springs Water
Bio-Tek Medical
Brazil Times
Canam Steel Corp.
Captive Plastics, Inc.
Cardinal Publishing
Carpetland USA
Century Fence
CEO Software, Inc.
Chattem, Inc.
Chicago Lighthouse For the Blind
Cine Film Systems
Clark Grave Vault Co.
Cobblestone Creek Country Club
Colorado Construction News
Columbus Builders Supply
Cowan Olds-Cadillac
Crown Textiles Co.
Cutler Repaving
Danube Carpets Mills
Data Microfilming Corp.
Denver Brick Co.
Downey Glass
Eagle Point Software
Empire Sports Sales
Family Channel
Farmland Foods, Inc.
Fitzgerald’s Casino
Galaxy Aerospace, Co.
Gaylord Container Ltd.
Georgia Boot, Inc.
Granite Rock Co
Harley Davidson Of Peterboro
Hermes Floral Co., Inc.
Hines Nurseries
Industrial Magnetics, Inc.
Jackson Jewelers
Jimmy Dean Foods
KA-BAR Knives
KAJO Radio
Lamar Advertising
Lentz Milling Co.
Lewis Supply, Inc.
Manna Freight Systems
Mason Vitamins
Miracle Ear
Modern Mushroom Sales
National Aquarium
NES Marketing & Promotions
NJ State Lottery
Noma Outdoor Products Northern Wire and Cable
Olympic Steel
Owen Lumber & Millwork
Pacific Sea Food Co., Inc.
Packard Instrument Co.
Perry County Foods Inc.
Perry Printing
Patuxent Publishing
Philadelphia Tramrail Co.
Pittsburgh Technology Council
Physicians Health Plan
Quality Films, Inc.
Rockwell Automation-Dodge
Sales Service America Inc
Silk Screen Factory
Sparks State Bank
Trade Printers
Turan Lane Chevrolet
Touraine Paints
U.S. Paging
United States Cellular
Vanir Business Forms
Vaughn Furniture Co.
...and many more

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