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red triangle Insights That Make A Difference

Here's a taste of articles from recent issues:

red circle Is it a scam? How to see through slip-and-fall fraud
red circle Firm is sued for unseen hazard that was there just 10 minutes
red circle Courts wallop business for delaying simple repairs: $25M
red circle Just how much trouble can unescorted visitors get into?
red circle One dumb security guard can cost you plenty: $500K
red circle Three near-misses show you how to beef up electrical safety
red circle Facility security: Why it's time to double-check yours
red circle Horrible accident shows cost of delaying work orders
red circle Court decision opens the floodgates on ADA lawsuits
red circle Guarding against slip-and-fall claims - both real and fake
red circle Will you spot the warning signs of impending violence?
red circle Better get ready to cut your firm's energy costs by 41%
red circle New slip-and-fall legal rulings: What you need to know
red circle Why renovation accidents are double jeopardy for you
red circle Guarding against a security breach: How far is enough?
red circle Electrical fires: Here's how to spot disasters in-the-making
red circle Work orders on back burner: Lawsuits waiting to happen?
red circle Didn't see slip hazard? Court says that doesn't matter
red circle Arsonists strike anywhere, anytime - are you ready?
red circle A real nightmare: Death of contract worker at your site

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