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Page 1 - Tap into Today's Best Practices 

Page one gives you proven solutions to your every-day facility management problems in a direct hard-hitting style that makes it easy for you to see how to apply them to your operation. From uncovering hidden hazards in you building to keeping your occupants safe and secure, you discover new ways to limit your liability.

Page 2 - Avoid Costly Lawsuits and Legal Claims

Exclusive - Page two is home to our exclusive Sharpen Your Facilities Management Judgment section. It describes a recent legal conflict involving a facility manager, lets you decide the outcome, and then shows you how the courts ruled. It gives you a framework for decision-making and helps keep you and your company from becoming easy targets for lawsuits.

Page 3 - Discover Which Facilities Are Getting Penalized - And Why 

Our subscribers tell us page three's Who Got Fined - And Why is the most useful to them. Every issue brings you a roundup of recent building code, safety and environmental fines and violations from the real world - penalties that facility managers could have prevented. See who was penalized, why, and how costly it was. Learn where government agencies are focusing their attention to stay a step ahead and out of trouble.

Page 4 - Solve Problems Quickly 

Page four's Insights to Boost Workers' Performance and Productivity is packed with quick-hitting ideas and insights to boost your workers' performance and make your efforts more productive. Gathered from the best organizations and practitioners, you get a collection of fresh ideas that you can put into place immediately and new twists on old ideas that will make everyone more efficient.

Page 5 - Apply Proven Success Stories To Your Building
- With the Real Problems, Real Solutions section, you benefit from real-life success stories from facility managers at companies of all sizes facing the same challenges you face. By seeing how others successfully address their challenges, you discover proven solutions that you can adapt to your own unique situation.

Page 6 - Make Every Decision Better 
Page six addresses the 1,001 things you have to be concerned with every day. From fire safety to maintenance, indoor air quality/ventilation to expansion, dealing with contractors to managing moves and more, this page brings you insights to make your 1,001 jobs easier. 

And we don't stop there. In page six's Where To Get Help section, you get today's most useful facility management resources. From corporate and government contacts to information on Web sites, technology, consultants and more, you'll find a timely, helping hand to help whenever you need it.

Page 7 - Make Everyone More Effective

Page seven's Management Tools to Help People Be More Effective section support your general management issues by giving you ways to get the most out of your staff. See what's working and what's not and learn new twists on old-standbys to effectively deal with absenteeism, complaints, motivation and more.

Page seven also brings you the helpful Test Your Knowledge feature, ensuring that you know the best procedures to follow when faced with any facility management challenge.

Page 8 - Benefit From the Success of Others 

Problems are often easier on paper. The What Would You Do? feature presents a scenario where a company must address common and uncommon challenges. Then we ask three executives to explain how they'd handle it.

- Page eight also brings you exclusive research. You get an inside look at what your peers think on a wide range of important issues in Managers Told Us. We talk to thousands of facility mangers every year to find out what they're working on and what they're planning. Then we pass this on to you to help guide and support your decision-making.

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