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red triangleComments from top facility managers
on how they benefit from reading
Facility Manager's Alert

red circle From Rick Royos, Manager at Vlasic Farms:
"FMA is a good source of applicable ideas and information. It gives me the most recent updates on key safety and facility management issues."
red circle From Bob Vicario, CFM, Facility Manager at Yamaha Motor Corp, USA:
"The most helpful part of FMA is the opportunity to learn from other people's experiences. Every issue offers something new and interesting."

red circle From Steve Crockston, Facilities Coordinator at Sears National Bank:
"FMA has met all of our needs with the wide variety of facility, safety and security topics covered."

red circle From Phil Burke, Property and Facilities Management at Mesaba Aviation:
"It's great having a publication dialed in to what I'm doing on a day-to-day basis."

red circle

From Bob Schmidt, Asst. Director of Engineering at Hyatt Regency:
"FMA has very informative and useful articles. I have used ideas from the 'Management Tools
' section to help handle staff issues."

red circle From John Branch, Production Manager at Peacock Engineering Co.:
"FMA has definitely surpassed my expectations! Each and every issue has at least one idea discussed that helps me run a better facility - now and for the future."

red circle From Doug Wilcox, Regional Staff Manager for 3M:
"I find the Regulatory Alert and Case study very useful. FMA is short, easy to read and pertinent to my job."

red circle From Barry Sinno, Facility Manager at Revlon:
"FMA has met my expectations because it has dealt with every topic related to facilities management."

red circle From Bill Peterson, Facility Specialist at Provo City Corp.:
"Each issue of FMA has something we can pull out and apply to our situation. It keeps me abreast of the ever changing regulations and new methods of meeting our responsibilities."

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