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red triangle Insights That Make A Difference

Here's a taste of articles from recent issues:

red circle Don't believe it if insurance firms say you're not covered
red circle What a choice: Eat the fine or send your workers to jail
red circle New report reveals where EPA cops are likely to strike next
red circle State already OK'd your permits? EPA can still veto them
red circle Surprise: Here's why EPA will be tougher under President Bush
red circle Well-meaning managers could now go to jail as criminals
red circle No time to relax: States about to get tough on enforcement
red circle EPA's big criminal crackdown: Could it snag you or your firm
red circle New, smarter EPA sleuths snooping around closer to you
red circle Brace yourself for a big jump in EPA reporting requirement
red circle EPA's next inspection target: What's in your warehouse
red circle No time to catch your breath: EPA's planning new toxic rules
red circle Now EPA helps citizens come after you with a vengeance
red circle Will one paperwork problem snag you in EPA's new dragnet?
red circle Citizen complaints prompt closure of two facilities
red circle EPA gets green light to use any evidence of violations
red circle EPA tips its hand: Here's where it'll concentrate on enforcement
red circle Watch out for the coming jump in EPA, state inspections
red circle Honest mistakes: Now there's a bigger chance they'll hurt you
red circle EPA plan: Not one more drop of discharges into waterways!

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