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red triangle Comments from top Environmental executives
on how they benefit from reading
Environmental Compliance Alert

red circle From Dave Schulze, Environmental Supervisor, 3M Co.
" Itís informative and keeps us abreast on trends and what's going on with the Enforcement agencies. We've tried a bunch of publications but decided on ECA because of the fast read format. It saves time and  helps us be more efficient.

red circle From Clarice Garrett, Environmental/Safety Coordinator, Tyco Electronics Corp.
"I really enjoy it. It gives me short bits of information so I can keep up on whatís going on without investing a lot of time reading. ECA gives me more beneficial information than any other publication I subscribe to. I also pass it on to other people in the organization. It gives me backing for what I tell them has to be done or what we need to change."

red circle From David Thomas, Environmental Coordinator, The Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.
"I donít have a lot of time to read periodicals, but this one is brief and it covers all of the different areas we have to deal with. Most importantly, with ECA, I donít have to wait for our corporate people to tell me about regulation changes. I can keep up myself without having to wait on them."

red circle From Everet Rennow, Safety/Environmental Manager, Smurfit-Stone Container Corp.
"Out of the three Environmental Compliance periodicals that I get, I like this one the best. I particularly the articles that detail how supervisors get into trouble for breaking regulations. I use those as examples to show my coworkers the importance of doing their job right."

red circle From Elwood Vickers, Water and Wastewater Manager, Purdue Farms, Inc.
ďI find ECA very useful in keeping up with complex changes in the laws and regulations and giving it to me in a way that is easy to understand. The section on who gets fined helps me show my staff why they have to do everything by the book.Ē

red circle From Paul Safin, Environmental Coordinator, Frito Lay
ďI really like the whole organization of the newsletter, you hit the top lines of what we need to be aware of, whatís worked for other companies, news, whoís getting fined and why Ė just about everything. Itís a nice quick read summary of everything thatís going on that I need to know about.Ē

red circle From Barbara Margavio, Environmental Coordinator, Uniroyal
"I read it to find to whatís going on with new regulations. ISO 14001 is a big deal for us, and ECA is one of the tools I use to be sure that Iím up to date."

red circle From  Larry Sullivan, Supervisor of Maintenance, U.S. Postal Service
"I really enjoy it, and I get a lot of info from it. Itís really eye-opening to see how companies all around us are being fined for minor infractions. ECA is very up to date and keeps me abreast of regulation changes so those things donít happen to us."

red circle From Gasten G. Goselin, Manager, Michigan State University
"The quick read format allows you to become familiar with an environmental issue without investing a great of time. You get lots of valuable information in each issue."

red circle From Martin Frederick,  Environmental Supervisor, Great Dane Tractor Trailers
"Each issue provides a quick update of environmental issues. The quick read format helps me decide what issues to devote more research time to. "

red circle From Fabian R Trudeau, Facilities Mgr., MASS State Police Academy
"With ECA I get more information in a shorter period of time - this newsletter has definitely lived up to my expectations."

red circle From Frank Emmerial, Environmental Tech, C& D Technologies, Inc.
"ECA is extremely useful. Each issue contains lots of important information in concise format. Less time wasted weeding out unnecessary information."

red circle From Bernard K Gross, Compliance Director, Thurston Manufacturing Co.
"Each issue of ECA has timely information in an easy to read format. It helps me train my assistant on Regulatory matters."

red circle From M Dodson, Regulatory Manage, The John Henry Company
"ECA's concise, up to date information saves me time in a busy world."

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