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page 1
Page 1 - Stay in-the-know

Page one gets right to the heart of the newest reg changes that affect your operation. See who the EPA is targeting, keep on top of last-minute rule changes and more. You not only get the latest developments, but you find out what the news means to you.

page 2
Page 2
- Avoid Costly Legal Battles

Exclusive - Page two is home to our exclusive Sharpen Your Judgment section. It describes a recent legal conflict involving a environmental manager, lets you decide the outcome, and then shows how the courts ruled. It gives you a framework for decision making and helps keep you and your company out of trouble.

Page two also updates you on what you need to know about today's hottest environmental issues: regulatory inspections, stormwater runoff, new source review, Title V permitting and more. You'll never be unaware of even minor changes by the feds.

page 3
Page 3 - Spot Developing Trends

Many times, national reg changes mirror actions already taken at the state level. With our Trends To Watch section, you know ahead of time what’s in the pipeline that could affect your operation, to help you plan and prepare for upcoming regs long before you’re affected.

At the federal level, page three's What's Coming feature tells you what you can expect to see in the coming months so you can keep thinking ahead and always be prepared.

page 4
Page 4 - Tackle Everyday Issues
Page four helps you with even more of the challenges you face every day by giving you insights into permitting, recordkeeping, enforcement, reporting and more. You get the latest court decisions and rule changes that affect your company.

page 5
Page 5 - Apply Proven Success Stories to Your Operation

Exclusive – With the Real Problems, Real Solutions section, you benefit from real-life success stories from environmental managers at companies of all sizes facing the same challenges you face. By seeing how others successfully address their challenges, you discover proven solutions that you can adapt to your own unique situation.

page 6
Page 6 - Keep Up with Environmental Reg changes

More than anything else, you need to stay on top of the ever-changing environmental regs. And we make it easier for you with our straight-shooting EPA Regs Update. We tell you in plain English what regulatory developments mean to you.

Page six also provides the best resources for today's environmental professionals. Discover corporate and governmental programs, technology, books, videos, etc. to not only help you maximize your program's efficiency, but also help everyone in your company make sense of it all.


page 7
Page 7 - Discover What the EPA is Targeting

Our subscribers tell us page seven's Who Got Fined – And Why is the most useful to them. Every issue brings you a roundup of recent fines and violations from the real world. See who was inspected, why, and how much they were penalized. You learn what the EPA is focusing on to stay a step ahead of the environmental cops and avoid costly problems.

page 8
Page 8 - Understand Federal Announcements

The Federal Register can be almost impossible to understand. In our Federal Activities section, we digest key air, water and waste issues, put them in an easy-to-understand format and provide you with contact information, dates of publication and page numbers so you can find out more information.

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