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If they could only read one publication...

...thousands of customer service managers say the fast-read content of Customer Service Advantage is their choice.

" CSA is a useful tool to share with your customer service employees. The real life situations have valuable insights for all reps, so it's more than just a management tool."

- Debbie Moncey, Customer Service Manager, Riley, Banard & O'Connell.

Every issue of The Customer Service Advantage delivers:
red circle Proven ways your department can provide exceptional service that improves customer satisfaction.
red circle The best ideas from your peers on how to get much-needed internal support for Customer Service.
red circle The latest research on what works, what doesn't, on keeping reps trained, motivated and happy - reducing staff turnover.
red circle Hands-on, practical advice reps can put into practice immediately to deal with difficult issues and tough customers.
red circle Inspiring success stories from service pros who went the extra mile to solve problems and keep customers satisfied.
red circle And much, much more!

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