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red triangle Every page is packed with information you'll put into practice every day.

page 1
Page 1 - Stay in-the-know

Page one keeps you on top of the news, the newest employment law changes and the latest court decisions affecting Human Resources. From FMLA to ADA to employee relations and more, you not only know the latest developments, but you find out what the news means to you.

page 2
Page 2 - Avoid Costly Legal Battles

Exclusive - Page two is home to our exclusive Sharpen Your Judgment section. It describes a real-life legal conflict involving a HR manager, lets you decide the outcome, and then shows you how the courts ruled. It gives you a framework for decision-making and helps keep you and your company out of trouble.

page 3
Page 3 - Find and Keep the Best Talent

Page three's Recruiting & Retention section gives you the edge you need to help you find and keep the right talent for your firm. From tried-and-true methods to fresh insights, you see where your efforts will count most.

page 4
Page 4 - Keep up on Employment Law
More than anything else, you need to stay on top of the ever-changing employment regs. And we make it easier for you with our straight-shooting Employment Law Update. We cut through the legalese and tell you in plain English what the changes mean to you and your company.

Page 4 also brings you the always useful Fines & Settlements feature. See a quick roundup of companies, big and small, who were recently fined for employment law violations. Use this feature to help your managers learn from the mistakes of others and avoid making their own.

page 5
Page 5 - Get New Ideas From Your Peers
Exclusive – With the Real Problems, Real Solutions section, you tap into the real-life success stories of HR pros at companies of all sizes facing the same challenges you face. By seeing how others successfully addressed their employment issues, you discover proven solutions that you can adapt to your own unique situation.

page 6
Page 6 - Make Everyone More Effective
Page six 's Performance Boosters feature is packed with useful ideas to help your managers get the most out of their staffs. See what's working and what's not, learn new twists on old-standbys and effectively deal with absenteeism, employee complaints, motivation and more.

Page six also brings you an inside look at the decisions your peers make on a wide range of important employment issues in What Companies Told Us. We talk to thousands of HR mangers every year to find out what they’re working on and what they’re planning. Then we pass this on to you to help guide and support your decision-making.

page 7
Page 7 - Benefit From the Successes of Others

Page 7 brings you a real-life management story in the What Worked, What Didn't feature. See in detail how one manager addressed common and uncommon challenges from start to finish. See which solutions worked and which didn't and see the payoffs of his/her efforts. This is a great tool for saving you time, increasing your efficiency and getting things done.

Page 7 is also home to one of our most popular features - Test Your Knowledge - A quiz on vital employee-relations practices that's a great training tool for your managers and your staff.

page 8
Page 8 - Make Tough Decision Easier

Problems are often easier on paper. The What Would You Do? Feature presents a scenario where a company must inspire their people to excel, while controlling costs and staying within the law. Then we ask three executives to explain how they'd handle it.

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