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red triangle Comments from top HR executives
on how they benefit from reading
What's Working in Human Resources

red circle From Janice Mazone, HR Director at 7-Eleven, Inc.:
"The entire publication is excellent. What’s Working in Human Resources is to the point and addresses issues that businesses face daily."

red circle From Julie Florie, HR Manager at Pella Corp.:
"I love it! It's leading edge, but not trendy; practical but not conventional; and informative, but not just information."

red circle From Chere Johnson, Asst. Dir. HR at The American Legion:
"I was surprised at the number of articles in What’s Working in Human Resources which coincide with my every day office environment. I find the real problems, real solutions feature most helpful. I use the publication for a quick reference."

red circle From Gary Jarrett, Section Chief for the NC Dept. of Public Instruction:
"I use What’s Working in Human Resources in my weekly messages to staff, colleagues and associates. I’ve found the information invaluable. Time is essential. I like the quick-read summaries."

red circle From Shirley Randolf, Human Resources Director for the American Red Cross:
"What’s Working in Human Resources is a low-cost way to keep up with human resources. It’s the publication I turn to for a wide scope of information in a fast-read format."

red circle From May Hogberg, Human Resources Administrator for Broadway Trucking Services:
"It’s great because it’s brief and to the point. I especially like the ‘Employment Law Update’ section – it provides answers to tough legal questions and pitfalls."

red circle From Maria Eguaras, Personnel Manager at Holiday Inn:
"Everything in What’s Working in Human Resources is so insightful and informative – I’ve learned a lot from it."

red circle From Joseph Velatti, HR manager at Papetto’s:
"What’s Working in Human Resources provides me with real-life problems – one’s that happen in many companies. What’s Working gives great descriptions and examples on how to handle problems."

red circle From Sue Huffman, HR Manager at CEI Engineering:
"What's Working in Human Resources is so helpful because it keeps me up to date on issues. I use it to show my boss information that is up to date."

red circle From Mark Fowler, HR Director at St. Joseph's Hospital:
"What's Working in Human Resources' quick-read format allows me to cover a broad range of topics quickly. It has innovative ideas and timely information I share with management."

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