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red triangle Comments from top quality managers
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Quality Manager's Alert

red circle From Dennis Ryan, Senior Program Manager at Abbott Laboratories:
"Quality Manager's Alert ties me into what's breaking in the quality field. I use it to help my managers become better people managers and as a resource for ideas from what other companies are doing."

red circle From Stephanie Cunningham, Quality Systems Specialist at BASF Corp.:
"QMA helps me motivate my people. It has good suggestions on creative ways to handle quality problems. Getting buy-in for internal audits is a big issue for me and the section covering audits has been very useful. It has pertinent information that is applicable to any business. I've actually recommended it other people."

red circle From Kevin Ruhl Director of Quality at Boeing:
"I circulate it through my whole department. It helps me present changes in a way to make people understand why we have to change procedures and follow the changes, and helps my managers look at the whole quality picture not just their specific niche. It's a great learning tool. Seeing what other companies deal with helps get beyond the feeling of being alone and that no one understands what you're dealing with."

red circle From Greg Miller, Continuous Improvement Specialist at Georgia-Pacific Corp.:
"Everything in QMA gives me ideas to help improve our quality. It helps me get our people to see quality as a mind-set not just part of the job. It's a very useful tool in today's busy world. Learning from your peers is a very useful aspect of the newsletter."

red circle From Steve Parish, Director of Quality Assurance at Plaskolite, Inc.:
"Quality Manager's Alert is the best, most poignant quality publication in print today."

red circle From Howard Spencer, Quality Manager at Value City Furniture:
"I like the real-life experiences presented in QMA. They apply to what I do on a daily basis and show me how to handle them."

red circle From Calandra Philips, Chemist for Celanese:
"It has provided me with practical knowledge that is concise and useful for our quality system."

red circle From Janice Dickenson, Quality manager for SRP:
"I like the format. Your articles get to the point fast and are very informative."

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