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red triangle Comments from top safety managers
on how they benefit from reading
Safety Compliance Alert

red circle From Fabian Trudeau, Facility Manager, Mass, State Police Training Academy:
"I've found SCA more valuable than other publications because I can acquire more information in a shorter period of time. The "quick-read" format allows the newsletter to have more information and the contacts provided let me research more in depth on my time frame."

red circle From Jim Kauderer, Risk Manager, AOL Time Warner:
"SCA cuts to the chase - no prolonged reading, just gets to the point. It has excellent content and explanation of topics."

red circle From Gary Bazile, Manager of Safety and Skills Training, Entergy:
"I find SCA's quick -read format more valuable than other publications due to the volume of information I process daily. It has provided me with up to date info as well as tips on ways to help us comply and further our safety efforts."

red circle From Ron Hnilica, Safety Director, Comcast Cablevision:
"SCA is an excellent source of up-to-date information on safety and health issues in the workplace. It does a good job of covering the many different aspects of safety and health."

red circle From Pat Karol, Safety Manager, Delta Airlines:
"SCA helps me stay on top of all the safety compliance issues without wasting my time searching."

red circle From Liane Ford, Safety Coordinator, Chem Rex:
"SCA is to the point, packed with ideas and doesn't take a long time to read. I get ideas I can use when I read what works in other companies. I get at least one good idea from every issue."

red circle From John Freitag, VP Operations, Assoc. of Illinois Electric Cooperatives:
"All of our staff read each issue and use the information. The to the point articles help get the attention of our safety committees."

red circle From Sue Murray, Safety Officer, Cabot Creamery:
"I've gotten SCA for years. I like its quick read format. I've gotten many ideas to motivate employees, safety-wise, from the newsletter. We are a "manual" plant and your coverage of the new ergo rule has already helped me reduce some of the many muscle strains we get."

red circle From Joel Naas, Safety Director, R.B. Jergens Contractors, Inc.:
"SCA offers more info in less time. To me, it's like having another safety compliance assistant."

red circle From Mike Porter, Manager of compliance, Bayer Corporation:
"SCA has useful, well-written articles. Time is of the essence and your "quick- read" format keeps that in mind."

red circle From Ron Robinson, EHS Manager, Jimmy Dean Foods:
"OSHA's ergo rule is the biggest safety compliance issue I face right now and your 'quick- read' format tells me what I need to know without wasting my time."

red circle From Charles Mutz, Regional Training Lieutenant, NY State Dept. of Corrections:
"Keeps me up to date with OSHA regs. SCA helps me keep our safety training program in tune with the regulations."

red circle From Noble Standridge, Safety Services, Amerisafe:
"SCA is short and sweet and to the point. I can read the whole things in 10-15 minutes. If I need more detail you give references that allow me to research the issue. I learn something from every issue that I can apply in the course of business."

red circle From Steven Harkin, Sr. Safety Administrator, Pacificorp, Electric Utility:
"I like its quick and easy to read format. It helps me get management buy-in, which is hard since we don't get a lot of OSHA inspections or citations."

red circle From KimFriedman, Safety Supervisor, Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories:
"SCA is very valuable. I read it and highlight items and articles that I want to share with my staff. It has given me ideas to motivate employees in safety and I've gotten training tips."

red circle From Randy Bright, Safety Manager, Goodwill/Easter Seals:
"The fines page with its dollar and cents impact is very helpful in pushing operational changes through. SCA also helps with my time consumption issue because it doesn't take much time to read."

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