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red triangle Comments from top marketers on how they benefit from reading The Internet & Marketing Report

red circle From Fred Payne, Electronic Linkages Manager at NCR Corp:
"The main thing that I like about IMR is some of the insights and the concrete numbers on what people are doing. It keeps me up to date on the trends in marketing."

red circle From Becky Phipps, Director of Marketing at AAA:
"IMR gives me a lot of information that in a concise form that I can read, absorb, and utilize quickly. It monitors industry trends and offers me real-world applications, not just a bunch of theory."

red circle From Sue Grieser, Advertising Manager at Bil-Jax, Inc.:
"The Internet & Marketing Report provides helpful information. It helps me narrow my focus by giving me specifics to look for - benefits I can take advantage of and problems I can avoid."

red circle From Brian Hanna, Internet marketing manager at ANSYS, Inc.:
"The Internet & Marketing Report provides many useful ideas which almost any company can benefit from. It has really given me ammunition to gain more buy-in from upper management."

red circle From Alton Whittle, Staff Engineer at CET Engineering:
"The newsletter gives me a lot of insights as to what's available on the Internet and how our company would want to market ourselves."

red circle From Tom Borgman, Marketing Manager at Lester Building Systems:
"The information in IMR is easy to recall, and its format makes it easy to use when we need quick reference. It simplifies the thinking process, helping me wrap my arms around ideas ad concepts."

red circle From Tricia Waltz, marketing manager at The Blonder Co.:
"IMR is extremely valuable. It is packed with great tools, helpful content, statistics, and graphs that arrive every two weeks."

red circle From Chris Ryan, Manager for Photo Products Group, Canon:
"It teaches what customers are looking for on a web site, how to improve your web site with do's and don'ts, and a lot of other information. Since we just started our web site, it helped us to avoid problems and mistakes that were made by other people. There's so much information in that small newsletter."

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