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red triangle Every page is packed with information you'll put into practice every day.

page 1
Page 1 - Stay a Step Ahead

You'll see how new developments and emerging trends affect your company and discover real-world ways to improve your cash flow, lower your risk and build your business. Page one brings you new research, useful benchmarks and early warnings about issues you're facing right now.

Exclusive - Page one also gives you our Market Outlook - your quick reference to the market. Its unique format lets you compare at a glance the monthly and yearly performance of indicators that affect your business. From Stock and Bond indexes to Money Market, Mortgage Rates and more, it will keep you plugged in and on top of the numbers you need to know.

page 2
Page 2 - Avoid Costly Legal Battles

Exclusive - Our Sharpen Your Judgment section gives you a framework for decision making to help keep you and your company out of trouble. It describes a recent legal conflict, lets you decide the outcome, then shows you how the courts ruled.

page 3
Page 3 - Improve Your Cash Flow

This page is dedicated to improving your cash flow. It delivers proven techniques for getting money in the door quicker, lowering your operating expenses, cutting your banking costs and more. Each article also includes sources for additional information.

Page three also includes Economic Outlook - your early warning system to alert you to economic trends that affect your financials.

page 4
Page 4 - Get the Biggest Bang For Your Technology Bucks

Cut through the confusion and the hype with page four's Gaining an Edge With Technology. You'll see which new technologies are best for streamlining your company's operations, and discover new tools you can leverage to increase your profitability.

Page four also brings you practical management techniques for energizing your staff, increasing management credibility, building trust, growing interdepartmental rapport and more.

page 5
Page 5 - Apply Proven Success Stories To Your Operation

Exclusive - Page five is home to one of our top-rated features: Real Problems, Real Solutions. You'll benefit from exclusive real-life success stories of financial managers at companies of all sizes. They reveal how they successfully addressed challenges with proven solutions that you can adapt to your own unique situation.

page 6
Page 6 - Find Hidden Cost-Saving Opportunities

See how your firm matches up against others on a broad range of issues with Trends and Opportunities from procurement costs to travel budgets to incentive compensation and more, you'll find all the benchmarks you're looking for.

page 7
Page 7 - Tap Into Today's Best Resources

The most valuable consultant is the person who just solved a problem you now face. This real-life management story spotlights both common and uncommon challenges, shows you which solutions worked and which ones didn't and lets you see the payoffs - a great tool for saving you time, increasing efficiency and getting things done.

Page seven is also home to one of our most popular features - Test Your Staff's Knowledge - A quiz on vital accounting and management principles that's a great training tool for your staff.

page 8
Page 8 - Stay Current On Key Financial News

You need a news source that gets right to the point and tells you what the news means to your business. News You Can Act On keeps you in the know by presenting the news and research that affects you and your staff, covering the latest developments in your field.

Exclusive - If you want an inside look at the decisions your peers make on important business topics for themselves and for their firms, reach for Have You Heard. We talk to thousands of CFOs every year, find out what they're working on and what they're planning, to guide and support your decision making.

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