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red triangle Comments from top financial executives
on how they benefit from reading
CFO & Controller Alert

red circle From John Palmer, Controller at Panasonic:
"It hits the main points that we're looking for: news, highlights, trends in the industry, employees. It gives a nice synopsis. We always take the Boosting Your Cash Flow section into consideration."

red circle From Teddy Zhang, Controller at Marriott Hotels:
"It has very good articles. It provides more information from a different perspective in an easy-to-read, concise format."

red circle From Ty Snodgrass, Business Services Manager for Shell Chemical:
"It has quick anecdotes that help with business solutions."

red circle From Ben Long, Controller at Royal Crown Cola:
"It keeps me abreast of what's going on technologically."

red circle From Terri Gohlke, Controller at Computer Products, Inc.:
"I devour CFO & Controller Alert. The accounts receivable quotes have been especially helpful."

red circle From Mark Pace, Controller at The Trane Company:
"It gives me an alert to what people might be doing and insight into things that are going on in other areas that haven't reached us yet."

red circle From Al Wadler, Comptroller at Big Brothers/Big Sisters:
"It brings up a lot of issues that apply to us. I used a recent article to adjust our T&E policy. I can make the recommendations work for us."

red circle From Harry Smith, Controller at United Parcel Service:
"The articles keep me up to date and show me what other companies are doing that I can apply here."

red circle From Ron Forest, Chief Financial Officer for MacFarms of Hawaii:
"I've learned a lot from this newsletter, and it reminds me of some things I had forgotten."

red circle From Marcela Navarrete, the Chief Financial Officer for El Paso Water Utilities:
"It's very valuable for a CFO. The quick read format saves time, and time is money."

red circle From Kerry Kidd, Controller at Data National:
"The cost-cutting ideas and comparisons to other firms are most valuable."

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