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If they could only read one publication...

...thousands of executive directors say the fast-read content of the Nonprofit Board Report is their choice.

NBR is the most well rounded piece of information that we receive. It zeros in on the board. Publications this good are few and far between."

- Colleen Mc Guire, Executive Director, 
National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Among the benefits from The Nonprofit Board Report:
red circle Success stories from other nonprofit organizations on getting boards more involved in fundraising.
red circle The best advice our editors can find from the experts on clearly defining board and staff roles.
red circle A steady stream of new ideas for activities that raise money, get volunteers involved and better serve constituents.
red circle Updates from the IRS on tax rulings and "gray area," money-making ventures to help you keep your tax-exempt status unblemished.
red circle And much, much more!

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